Virtuelle Mauer


The Virtuelle Mauer is the main project of the workshop. The reconstruction of the Berlin Wall in 3D is the result of 5 years of investigation of the artists collective T+T which is formed by Tamiko Thiel (renowned artist in the field of Augmented Reality) and Teresa Reuter (acknowledged architect) as well as national and international pedagogic and scientific work groups. 

The way the installation works is fairly simple. The visitor is given a joystick with which he can move around the wall. The presence of the wall is imminent and whenever a limit is crossed a frontier guard will appear. One can climb one of the platforms and can overview the city of Berlin of those days. The virtual staging of the wall renders it something tangible and graspable to the viewer and offers an unusually stunning experience.

This installation was shown at important institutions such as  the LABoral in Gijón (Spain), the "Stadtmuseum" y "Museum für Kommunikation" in Berlin as well as various locations of the Goethe Institute in the United States and India. In 2009 the 3D installation was awarded the Grand Prize of the IBM Innovation Awards.

During the occasion of the workshop, Teresa Reuter and Sabe Wunsh will interact between their project and the visitors.