The workshop Mauertag im April is aimed at all those who are curious about the Berlin wall and its metaphors in the world.
As a documentary and illustrative platform it invites us to an open and dynamic debate. 

o   What does the wall of Berlin mean
o   What place will its memory take in the future globalized world
o   Which are the challenges of the wall
o   How can it inspire us
o   Where is its place between myth and reality, fantasy and denunciation
o   How does one distinguish between a frontier and a wall
o   How can one understand cultural identity in this peculiar context ? (...)

The workshop consists of four key projects :

A virtual reconstruction of a part of the Berlin Wall as an interactive 3D-Installation.

A selection of on-the-spot interviews taken in Berlin just after the fall of the wall 
and the dissolution of its communist government.

A collection of contemporary accounts on the Iron Curtain.
Extracción an experimental short film by the artist Gabriel Acevedo Velarde.
About the crossing of the borders between Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

The presentation that is put on view will stimulate thought and reflection 
on the Berlin Wall and its metaphors in a special and enriching way.

The workshop will be held in german and english.
You are all welcome to participate! Free admission.