Extracción is an experimental documentary film made by the artist Gabriel Acevedo Velarde. It's about a trip to the triple border area between Peru Bolivia and Brazil. The construction of an “intercontinental” highway that will make possible (for the first time) to cross directly from a country to others is about to finish. Along with new free-trade treaties, this will drastically accelerate the transformation of the area. 
The main goal of the trip has been to understand how the borders still divide the three countries and whether a new regional identity is taking shape. 55 interviews to people have been made of the three nationalities, asking especially about their perception of the neighboring countries and about the recent change in the area.
In the documentary, the name of each country can't be heard on purpose. In this way, the artist creates suspense that neutralizes the differences. We're showing the video of his process.

This project has been shown in 2010 at the São Paulo Art Biennial.

Extracción by Gabriel Acevedo Velarde
Documentary-experimental short film, 2010, 15 min
OV spanish / brasilian, english subtitles