La frontière intérieure

The barriers within is a documentary film by Atelier Limo. Between 2006 and 2009 these arquitects and geographical investigators tirelessly followed the 3000km between the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic that marked the course of the Iron Curtain. They gathered memories from a wide spectrum of witnesses, who despite their hugely diverse personalities and lives, bear the common scars associated with a 30 year long political wound. The documentary suggests how this artificial boundary may have come to condition peoples´daily lives and helped them develop a strength bound to this history.The documentary´s collection is both dynamic and emotive.

In 2009 the film was shown by a travelling cinema at 40 border sites. In Berlin it was shown at the "Zeughaus Kino" and at the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" amongst others.

The Limo Atelier´s founders, Nicolas Pannetier and Simon Brunel will be present and will comment on their investigations. This is a unique opportunity to share in their experience.

The barriers within by Atelier Limo
Documentary film, 2009, 69 min
German OV, English subtitles